About Us. Living our life with the God of Wonders.

Hi. Welcome to our blog. My name is Katie and My husband is Fabian or “Fabi” or “Daddy”, that’s what I call him. This is our blog about our life in Christ.  Mostly I (Katie) will be writing here.  We got engaged in 2010 and married in June of that year. We have 4 kids in total, I had  Kylie and Josiah, and Fabian and I have had two since we have been married, Judah and Jedidiah.  We have recently discovered the Lord is moving us to Mexico! *Except Kylie who will be going to live with her dad in Mississippi.  :0(    I hope she will join us in Mexico someday soon!

I am not quite sure when exactly Fabian and I met. I know that’s weird right? Well, he says it was at Denny’s, and I say we first spoke to each other while waiting for service to start.  We had seen each other around, but did not start spending time together right away. Fabian was in the school of ministry and I was a busy single mom, who, let’s be frank, was a little leery of guys by then, or back then, or whatever. Fabian was an usher and I would see him at the door. Nice guy really. One evening I was trying to avoid someone and I saw Fabian at the door, seeing my only chance to escape this other person, I walked up to Fabian and started talking to him. He played along. He’s cool like that, lol.

OK, long story short, can I make this short? No, probably not. Anyways, I had written a little story, a tract actually, and I wanted it translated into Spanish. So, I prayed. I said “Lord, if it is your will, please bring someone to help me translate this tract in Spanish. So, Like a month later, long after I had forgotten my prayer, Fabian came up to me after service and asked me if I would like a Spanish tutor. I remembered my prayer and just figured the Lord was answering my prayer. Thank you Jesus, you are faithful, even when I am forgetful. Well, we did spend time tutoring. It was nice. Fabian is a really great guy! One day I was at work and something unusual happened. I was used to getting text from my Spanish tutor. He was attentive like that. He would send me scripture and tell me about his day, and ask about mine. Well, my SPANISH tutor sent me a text that nearly made me choke on my coffee. lol. He said he saw me as a potential wife. WIFE. yes, that’s the WORD he used.

Well it took a little time and a lot of prayer but eventually I agreed to marry him. Wow. We were married 6 months later. Beautiful wedding. Wonderful reception. Judah was born a little over 8 months later. No joke, he was a month early for all you math whizzes out there.  It has been a roller coaster, but God is so good. He has held us together for over 4 years and counting. In 4 years we have  moved 4 times, been pregnant 4 times and Fabian has had 4 different jobs! OK so now this will be the 5th move and technically the 5th new job, since we will be doing something totally different, So I guess its time to have another child. LOL. OK, no snarky comments! (FYI, we suffered two miscarriages, so the math adds up)

So, we hope to share with you through this blog that God is faithful, He can be trusted! He is good. He saves and he can be counted on. Life with Jesus is VERY exciting. It’s not to say we don’t have trials, we certainly do. Not everything is easy, in fact, very few things are easy, just exciting. Not boring. And yes, fun many times.  We want you to be inspired to seek and serve the Lord, there is no life like it. Not a bed of roses at all times, but did I mention EXCITING!  I want you to be encouraged! If you belong to the Lord he has you taken care of. Nothing bad will happen outside of His will and His word promises we will be with his when all is said and done.

Isaiah 41:10 10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Fabian and I right after we got engaged.



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